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7 Colors 1pcs Wireless Gamepad For Nintend Wii Game Remote Controller Joystick without Motion Plus

7 Colors 1pcs Wireless Gamepad For Nintend Wii Game Remote Controller Joystick without Motion Plus

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Brand Name: ViGRAND

Compatible Brand/Model: Nintendo

Compatible Nintendo Model: WII

Origin: Mainland China

Package: No

Type: Gamepads

Model Number: For Wii

Interface Type: bluetooth

Certification: CE


Wireless controller without motion plus for Nintendo Wii


Features and specifications:

Key features:
• Compatible with Wii and Wii U consoles
• Wireless Bluetooth connection with range up to 8 meters
• Built-in COMS sensor for detecting infrared light from sensor bar, obtain light-spot moving info, provide Bluetooth target movement info, and support sensitivity switching function for the Wii console
• Built-in sound module to convey induction sound from Wii console to speaker
• Built-in speaker for sound output
• Built-in motor for providing vibration sensing feedback function
• 2 x AA dry batteries or battery pack are needed for power supply
• With an extension terminal for connecting nunchuck or other compatible peripheral devices

• Dimensions: 149 x 36.8 x 33 mm
• Net weight: 80 grams

Connection instructions:
• First, connect power supply for Wii console and also connect sensor bar and AV cable.
• Install two AA dry batteries in remote.
• There is a red color code pair button “SYNC” on the back of the remote, press the SYNC button. The four LED indicators in the front of the remote will begin blinking quickly (sufficient battery power is needed).
• Press code pair button on the Wii console for code pairing (after synchronization, the No. 1 LED indicator in the remote will be solid bright).
• Adjust the position of the sensor bar (position of cursor).
• Read U-disk or DVD using the remote (connect a nunchuck to the remote to read games).

Remote specifications




Operation supply current
(Ta = 0℃ to 70℃, VBATT = 3.0 V±5%, VSS = 0 V)



Package includes:
• 1 x Controller (battery not included)






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