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QIACHIP Copy CAME TOP 432NA Duplicator 433.92MHZ Remote Control Universal Garage Door Gate Remote Cloning 433 MHz Transmitter

QIACHIP Copy CAME TOP 432NA Duplicator 433.92MHZ Remote Control Universal Garage Door Gate Remote Cloning 433 MHz Transmitter

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Brand Name: QIACHIP

Use: Electric Door

Use: Automated curtains

Use: Lighting

Use: Switch

Use: Universal

Origin: Mainland China

Wireless Communication: RF

Support APP: No

Certification: CE

Frequency: 433 MHz

Channel: 4

Package: Yes

Model Number: CAME TOP432NA TOP432EV TOP432S Code Grabber

Operating Voltage: DC 12V

Operating Current: < 25mA

Encoding Type: Learning Code(1527), Fixed Code(2262)

Compatible: CAME TAM 432SA, CAME TOP432SA, CAME TOP432EV

Duplicator For: CAME TOP432NA, CAME TOP434NA, CAME TOP432EV

Application Example 1: Vehicle Central Locking Systems

Application Example 2: Garage Doors Access Control System

Application Example 3: Electronic Gates Access Control System,Heating Systems Control

Application Example 4: Light Switch,Home Security Alarm System, Car Sunroofs Control

Size: 5.4 * 2.9 * 0.9 cm

The gadget is a wireless remote control key fob, which comes with ultra-strong Duplicating & Cloning function, Ultra-small error of copying data code and copy oscillation resistance. It support remotely and wirelessly control your roller shutter door, garage door and other telecommand equipments within 50m (free space). Bringing you brand new experience of remote control, bring you much convenience in your daily life. You can not miss it.
*Duplicate Your Existing Remote Controllers Such as, Vehicle Central Locking Systems, Garage Doors Access Control System, Electronic Gates, Electrical  Appliances control, Car  Sunroofs Control, Heating  Systems Control, Light Switch, etc.
*Encoding Type Supported: Support for CAME TOP Series Remote Control and the most of other remote controls.
*Ultra-small error of copying data code and copy oscillation resistance.
*Easy to use: Easy to install and use, the 4 channel remote control system lets you take control of your gadgets, car and home or garage. Practical and Convenient. Support One-key smart-copying, High accuracy of copying and high effective of copying 
*Widely Use: Perfect Suitable for controlling electrically operated gate, retractable door, garage door, electric curtain automobile, motorcycle and other telecommand equipments.
*Strong Coping Performance: Support Coping the following Codes: PT2262 PT2264 PT2260, PT2240, PT1527, SC2262, SC2260, EV1527, SCT527, HS1527, HS2240, SCL1527, FP1527 HS2262 HS2260 LX2262 LX2260 EV1527, encoding chip(With this remote duplicator you can clone all 433.92MHz fixed code key fobs. Some remotes that use this frequency are listed above. If you fail in copying with proper operation, you might have to check whether your device has a chip above).
Model: KT01-CCCKB-4
Material: Metal and PVC
Product Type: Copying / Duplicating Remote Control Transmitter Key Fob
RF Frequency: 433MHz
Match Code Way: Copying Via Face to Face(One to One Copying)
Channel Supported: Four Channel
Encoding Type: Learning Code(1527), Fixed Code(2262).
Button: 4 Buttons(A,B,C,D)
Modulation System: ASK
Operating Voltage:DC12V
Operating Current:<25mA
Transmitting Power: +13dbm
Frequency Windage: ±0.2MHz
Transmission Distance: 50m (Free Space)
Color: Black
Main Item Size: 5.4 * 2.9 * 0.9cm / 2.1 * 1.14 * 0.35oz
Main Item Weight: 28g/1.0oz
Package Size: 5.5 * 3.0 * 1.0cm /2.16 * 1.18 * 0.39oz
Package Weight: 30g/1.05oz
Must see before buying
Before purchasing a copy remote control, please confirm that your remote control meets these three conditions:
1. Your original remote control can still be used normally
2. Know the frequency and chip model of the original remote control
3. This remote control is not a universal remote control
The method of confirming the crystal frequency and chip model is shown in the figure
Package List 1:
1Pcs * 433MHz RF 4-Channel Remote Control (Battery is Included)
Operation Instructions:
Application method:
Our remote control can copy the fixed codes and learning codes
1.Clear out code:
Press the A button and B button at the same time, the LED indicator will enter into the fast flashing status, it means that all the memory data is cleared (Please see the video above). You can repeat the above operating steps if the memory clear operation is not successful.
2.Duplicating (Learning)/Face to Face Copying(One to One Copying):
After cleared the memory, you can operate Face to Face Copying(One to One Copying), you left hands press the original remote control and your right hands press the duplicating remote control at the same time; put the two remote controls together as close as possible. For example, press the Button A of the 2 remote controls at the same time, the LED Indicator flashes fast, and you press the Button A of the duplicating remote control again, the LED indicator long light, it means that the original remote control of the A button A code has been copied into the duplicating remote control. The other 3 buttons are the same operation.
3.Resume/Recovery Code:
If you clear code of duplicating remote control incautiously, you can press Button C and  Button D at the same time, the LED Indicator Light flash fast. It means that the code of duplicating remote control is resumed.
Dear Customers, please check the following instructions before you buy; if you do not meet the conditions still to buy, we will not accept returns:
For consumers, most clients wish to replace the original remote control with a general remote control, while such remote control has not be developed. You may configure your remote control within 2 seconds if you meet the following three conditions:
Condition I: the original remote control may be used normally
Condition II: frequency of original remote control is 433Mhz
Condition III: integrated circuit model of original remote control is 2262 2260 1527 2240 and compatible integrated circuit (rolling code remotes will not work).
Please confirm two things (First, Frequency; Second, Chip Code(Encoder integrated circuit)before you buy it. It's very very important. Don't ignore them.
Don't simple think the frequency is same then it can be copied. It's not true.

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