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Tempered Glass Screen Protector Switch Premium Film compatible Nintendo Switch Tempered Protector For Switch Oled

Tempered Glass Screen Protector Switch Premium Film compatible Nintendo Switch Tempered Protector For Switch Oled

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Compatible Brand/Model: Nintendo

Compatible Nintendo Model: NINTENDO SWITCH

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: For Nintend Switch NS

Type: Compatible Nintendo Switch

Fit: Compatible Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

Feature: Protector compatible Nintendo Switch

Compatible: Compatible Nintendo Switch


EU/US AC Adapter Charger Compatible Nintendo Switch

It is specially designed charging Compatible Nintendo Switch, built-in Type-C cable, simple, small and elegant design. Power surge protection, using constant current output, safe and efficient.

HD Glass Screen Protector Film Compatible with Nintend Switch NS

Our tempered film used a full screen design that fully covers the screen Compatible the Nintendo Switch controller. The tempered film uses imported high-aluminum materials, Sensitive to Touch, Light and Thin, Automatic Adsorption Function, Waterproof, and Anti-Scratch. Free gift: 1 set of Clear Cloth and 2pcs Thumbstick Caps.

Console Stand Compatible Nintendo Switch NS Controller

Special Design Compatible Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite&Original Pro Controller: Providing a brand new experience while playing the regular switch/switch lite with your pro controller

Item Description:

Better Feel Than The Original Screen

Our tempered film used a full screen design that fully covers the screen of the compatible Switch controller. The viscosity of our tempered film can be closely attached to your controller for more comprehensive protection without edge detachment and dust entering the controller phenomenon! Our tempered glass material has been processed at high temperatures and tested repeatedly. We believe that 9H high hardness can effectively resist screen surface scratch caused by sharp object damage! It can make your screen not easy to scratch and protect the original screen!

HD quality is Clear

Our tempered film uses imported high-aluminum materials, and we upgrade the process technology to make the whole glass more flat. It can make your controller screen light transmittance higher, giving you a better feeling than the original screen! Use the controller for a long time, it can make your eyes not easy to fatigue, better protect the eye's vision.

Sensitive to Touch, Light and Thin

In order to pursue better quality, we use a whole piece of glass for cutting, the thickness from the original 0.8MM to the current 0.33MM. After our continuous testing and cutting, we believe that the thickness of 0.33MM better highlights the sensitivity of the touch screen! Let the screen of the customer's controller quickly and easily sense the touch of the finger, making the buyer more sensitive and convenient in daily operation. We are constantly improving, let the buyer better experience the smoothness of the game, bring you more happy!

Automatic Adsorption Function

We constantly upgrade the quality of our products and improve our production technology, just to find better products for you! We are currently using a high-quality anti-static adsorption film. After upgrading, the tempered film is easier to adsorb the controller screen than before. It is more convenient to operate and reduce unnecessary time waste. For the correct operation, just tap on the center of the screen. With your fingers, you can automatically absorb and quickly remove air! From then on, it is no longer necessary to worry that the final tempered film will not be damaged due to excessive complicated operation!

Scratch Resistance and High Hardness

The glass material used in the tempered glass film is processed from high temperature steel. After testing, the surface hardness of the glass can reach 9H. We use a double-layer diamond plating coating and carry out secondary strengthening treatment on the tempered film to make the tempered film able to withstand. The larger impact force enhances the pressure resistance of the glass film and is not easily scratched. The high-end silicone film we produced is laminated to tempered glass to better protect the controller's screen, even if it breaks, it won't splash around.

Seamless Fit Does Not Separate

Our tempered glass film uses a nano-polymer full-glue process. The newly upgraded 9D surface technology, the edges are smooth and does not hurt the fingers, and the touch is more perfect when used! The chamfered curved edge design fits snugly against the corners, making the entire host edge smooth and effective, perfect for the entire screen! You can freely insert and pull out on the base of the controller to reduce external friction! Perfect for your game console!

Waterproof Features

The tempered film adopts vacuum coating process, and the surface coating can effectively isolate oil stains and water. It has anti-reflection, anti-fingerprint, oil resistance and wear resistance. This is your best partner!

Installation Guide

Step1:Clean screen with wet wipes.

Step2:Dry screen with cloth.

Step3:Dedusting screen.

Step4:Glass installation.

Package Include:

1 x Glass Film for NS( With retail package) 1 x Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 1xWet clear clith*Dry clear clith 2 x Thumbstick Caps(Free Gift)

Customer Review

Some Solustion to Solve problem for Buyers.

Q: Why is there no logistics information for my Tracking number?

A: Because you choose the economic shipping, there is no delivered information for this shipping method. But please do not worry, if you do not receive the item within protection time (60 days), please contact the post office with your tracking number, if the post office can’t find it, please contact us, we will full refund or resend.

Q: What should I do if it is damaged when I receive the product?

A:Please don't worry, contact customer service in time! We will full refund to you or resend to you a new one!

Q:What is the correct procedure for attaching a tempered film?

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